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Child Support Lawyer Philadelphia

Finding the Best Child Support Lawyer in Philadelphia

When you are going through a divorce or other family law situation, finding the best child support lawyer in Philadelphia can make all the difference. You need someone who will fight hard to protect your rights and interests.

Pennsylvania laws require both parents to pay child support in order to help their children grow up. These payments can cover things like school, health care, food, clothing, and more.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation are two of the most important legal issues for divorced or separated parents. Custody determines where a child lives primarily and how much time a parent spends with the child.

In Pennsylvania, courts use a strict “best interest” standard to make decisions regarding custody. They consider a number of factors such as the parents’ lifestyles, stability, and ability to care for the children.

When a parent wants to change the custody arrangements, they must show that a substantial change has occurred. This may include a job loss or relocation, for example.

If there is a significant change, the court may modify the current custody arrangement or establish a new one.

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Modification of Child Support

Modifying child support can be an important part of a divorce case. It can help ensure that a parent who is responsible for paying child support will receive the amount of money that is necessary to support their children.

While child support formulas are largely based on income, judges have the power to adjust that figure under certain circumstances. Usually, parents can request an adjustment when there has been a substantial change in their finances and circumstances.

If you are seeking a modification, your lawyer can provide you with information about the specific requirements for each type of change in circumstance. You will need to prove that your circumstances have significantly changed since the order was issued, and the court will consider this evidence before making a decision.

One of the most common reasons for a downward modification is a loss of employment. This can be a great opportunity for parents who are struggling to pay their bills and who are looking for a way to reduce their child support payments.

Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is a critical step to securing child support payments. It identifies a child’s legal father and gives the mother and child an opportunity for a healthy parent-child relationship.

If a man is unsure if he is the biological father of a child, he should file an affidavit with the local Oregon Department of Human Services or Oregon Child Support Program to begin the process of establishing paternity. The affidavit will help the alleged father determine his legal rights, including financial support and custody and visitation rights for the child.

The alleged father can also request genetic testing, commonly known as DNA testing. This is an accurate and simple procedure that will help determine if the alleged father is the child’s biological father.

When paternity is established, the child has the right to benefits from both parents, such as Social Security or veteran’s benefits, medical coverage and inheritance. They may also need access to medical genetic information from both parents if they have health problems.

Enforcement of Child Support

When a parent fails to pay child support, the court can take enforcement action against him or her. This may include putting a levy on their bank account or lien on their property, garnishing wages, or taking tax refund money.

Pennsylvania calculates child support based on guidelines that consider the actual income of each parent, their earning potential, and the amount of time they spend with the children. It also takes into consideration the child’s needs and special circumstances.

A Philadelphia child support lawyer can help you enforce a payment through court orders or with assistance from the Pennsylvania child support services. If a non-paying parent is found in contempt of a support order, they will be required to pay the balance of the support plus additional legal fees.

In addition, the child support program has legislative authority to collect overdue support through a variety of administrative procedures that can be put into effect without going to court. These actions can include wage withholding, income tax refund intercepts, driver and professional license suspension, game and fish license suspension, passport denials, and more.

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